Happy Customer

Testimonial to Gavin Page Tobizzy2bake

Having purchased several cakes from Gavin over the last 3 months I would just like to give praise to both the quality of the product and the service supplied. All the cakes were delivered to my door on or before the expected time along with a cheery smile from the man himself.

I arranged a Carrot Cake for my Dad’s 91st birthday which was demolished within 48 hours, a tray of Chocolate Brownies for my Son’s birthday, all gone within 3 days and if truth be told my wife and I have also indulged with Chocolate cake, Carrot cake and Lemon Drizzle cake all of which have been despatched withing a few days,  you can’t really say better than that!!

What has also really impressed me about Gavin and is how he shifted his focus from commercial to the domestic market during the Covid-19 situation. It would have been so easy to lose motivation and wallow in self pity rather than think positively and find an alternative opportunity. Thank you and congratulations Gavin.

Best regards

Mark Tonks- Managing Director

Orange and Blue UK